Sep 4, 2007

My Bidayuh costume

This photo of me, my cousin and my Mom was taken in 2005. My aunty is the one who sew the traditional costume.

This is a typical costume of Bidayuh from the Bau region. It should be more elaborate but I don't have the Bronze belt and coin 'skirt'. And my necklace is all wrong. The necklace is from Sabah. :-)

Updates (Due to some confusion) : We were actually on our way to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to climb Mount KK but stopped by at Sibu to pick up Cindy. My parents were there because they took the chance for a road trip to Miri to visit my sister.

And yes, the climb was a success. :-)

Traditional Bidayuh Costume
My cousin Cindy, my Mom and Me
Me in my incomplete Bidayuh costume

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  1. Anonymous21 July, 2009

    As a bidayuh myself, it is such a shame that you have to wear Sabahan bead necklace. I would have suggested you try doing some of our own bidayuh bead necklace which is more logical and I still think that your attire isn't full yet. Try going into and search for Bidayuh girls and from there you can see more of the accessories, even though not complete yet but it is consider alot to me.

    1. You all invited to register at Baruk Dayak - The Largest Bidayuh Community

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  2. Hi Anonymous,thanks for your comment. Yeah, a lot of the accessories don't match but those are not my own attire in the first place. My aunt actually wove traditional bidayuh costume but not the accessories. So me & my cousin use whatever accessories we had in hand. We were not attending any specific function, actually that day we are on transit stop to Sabah in our trip to climb Mt. Kinabalu :-). But just for the fun of it we 'hijack' our aunt costume for photo taking.

  3. It's pity that current generation of bidayuh girls do not keep bidayuh traditional attire. In fact it is original & artistry richer than malay ones.

  4. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    Hi,so proud indeed to have an outspoken Bidayuh like you.Thanks for your awakening phrases andI do hope that this would able to penetrate into the nerve and soul of every bidayuh. We,Bidayuh guys lets refrain from excessive drinking,night spot visits and together we engineer the future of our very own people. Let us all stop the too much coffeshop talking. Walk the talk and the leaders, lead our community with examples,we are with you. Much has been done to the bidayuh areas but we are hoping more.Roads,schools,and other infra-structure. Have our vision to have one graduate a family achieved? The BGA and DBNA should make frequent visits to kampongs and have seminars for parents. Many bidayuhs just dont know what BGA or DBNA stand for. Thank you.

  5. I have a set of complete bidayuh costume, bojuh borih of my own. I keep this costume close to me to remind me of my root and heritage. My favourite accessory is the belt as it's not only pricey, but it's hard to find the identical belt nowadays. Mine was made from bronze. I vow to have my children complete set of bidayuh costume :)